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Published on February 9th, 2021

The current video player has some really nice features that it is very good to know about. The two most important are Chapters and Speed Control. We'll start off with an overview and explanation of all the different buttons in the video player. There are some special features if you are using a touchscreen.

Overview of the video player

Video Player - Overview.png 523 KB

Chapters (we have a special help article on chapters)

 These are very good to get acquainted with as we try to put a lot of work into making useful chapters, there will be chapters for different parts of the lesson and even the phrases of the tune itself.

Click on the "Chapters" icon to bring up the list of chapters.

Video Player Chapters.png 517 KB

Speed Control

This feature is superb for slowing down the video all the way to 50%. This will help you to see and hear what is going on if it is hard to catch something at full speed. The audio quality will drop significantly though.

Click on the "Settings" icon - Then on "Speed" - Then you can choose to either slow down, speed up och have it on "Normal".

Video Player - Speed Control.png 863 KB

Video Quality

If you are on a mobile network and want to manually lower the data you are using then you can go into the "Settings" and then "Quality" where you can pick any video quality you want. If left on "automatic the player will try to use the highest possible quality. The higher the number the better the video and audio become but more data is being transfered.

Click on the "Settings" icon - then "Quality" - here you can choose a resolution or set it on "automatic".

Video Player - Quality.png 514 KB

Sound Volume

Click further to the left for less and to the right for more volume.

Video Player - Volume.png 965 KB


All the way to the right you'll find the "Fullscreen" option.

Video Player - Full Screen.png 964 KB

On a touchscreen

There are some features that are specific to the touchscreen, a way of quickly going backward to forward in the video, and some issues when scrolling in the chapters list. The chapters on the timeline might be hard to click correctly.

Go backward or forward

Double Tap on either the left or right side to go 10 seconds backward or forward.

Video Player - Mobile Double Tap.png 592 KB

Scrolling in the Chapters list

When using a touchscreen device it can be harder to use the Chapters properly, the trick is to push and scroll ON THE RIGHT side of the "Chapters List". The area for scrolling is quite narrow and sometimes you might accidentally "Tap" a chapter unintentionally, to prevent this try to keep your finger as far to the right as possible when scrolling on a touchscreen device.

We are using the Vimeo embed player and can't control the area for scrolling.

Video Player Chapters Mobile.png 501 KB

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