About this course

In this course, Markus will teach his style of accordion playing, which is inspired by fiddlers in Sweden and Finland! He also teaches some of his own tunes.

Filmed by: Olav Luksengård Mjelva
Edited by: Jens Linell 

About the Accordion

The accordion is a versatile and expressive musical instrument that has played an important role in folk music traditions around the world. It was invented in Europe during the 19th century and quickly became popular among working-class musicians who were drawn to its portability and ability to produce a full and rich sound. In the United States, the accordion was especially popular among immigrant communities, who used it to play traditional folk music from their home countries. Today, the accordion remains an important instrument in many folk traditions, and its distinctive sound can be heard in everything from Norwegian "Reinleders", French chansons to Tex-Mex music.
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About Markus Räsänen

Markus Räsänen is an accordionist based in Järvsö, Sweden. 

The old fiddlers of Finland and Sweden intrigued Markus from the very beginning. The heavy bowings, the grounded connection of nordic folk music and all the swirling polskas created a firm foundation to stand on. He pays great attention to transfer different bowing techniques onto the accordion. Markus has toured extensively throughout Europe, as well as Canada, the US and Russia as a solo performer, and with many different folk groups.
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Markus Räsänen

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