Johanne Flottorp

Hardanger Fiddle - Tovdal, Setesdal and Telemark

Teaches a course on Hardanger Fiddle, Tovdal & Setesdal [NO]


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About Johanne

Johanne Flottorp (b.1991) is a Hardanger fiddle player from Åmli in the southern part of Norway. She started to play fiddle with Salve Austenå when she was six and from there she continued her journey through Sørlandet spelemannslag, a music high school, and then The Norwegian Academy of Music where she graduated in 2017. For her debut album released in 2018, she won the Folkelarm Award in the solo category and she was also nominated for the Norwegian grammy. Johanne is also active in different groups, as Raabygg and Flottorp/Solberg in the folk music scene. She is also a member of bands in the Norwegian Americana scene and plays the fiddle and the Hardanger fiddle in one of the leading bands in this genre, The Northern Belle. They were also nominated for the Norwegian Grammy in 2018 for their album «Blinding Blue Neon». 
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