Jan Beitohaugen Granli

Hardanger Fiddle - Valdres

Teaches a course on Hardanger Fiddle, Valdres [NO]


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About Jan

Jan Beitohaugen Granli (b.1979) is a Hardanger fiddle player from Valdres, a region in the middle of the southern part of Norway. He started playing with his main teacher Trygve Bolstad at the age of seven but also learned from Harald Røyne, Tore Bolstad, and Magnus Dahleng in his younger years. He studied two years at the University of South-East Norway, Campus Rauland, and two years at the University of Bergen/ Ole Bull Academy at Voss with Olav Jørgen Hegge as his main teacher. Jan has been teaching in Valdres since 2004. He is frequently seen at kappleiks (traditional music competitions) and as a fiddler beside the dancefloor.

Pssst! Here is a wonderful map of the different fiddlers from Valdres: https://img0.custompublish.com/getfile.php/2175039.2170.uubfycevvd/tradisjonskart_valdres_1300_pixel.gif?return=www.talik.no
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